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Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3628 posts
Aug 1st '13

My first I was In the hospital for a day and a half after her birth due to retained placenta , hemoraging and ended up with a blood transfusion ( my daughter was born at a free standing birth center so I was transferred to the hospital)
With my second I had her at the same free standing birth center and went home around 16 hours after her birth.
With my third ( again had him at the free standing birth center) I went home around 18 hours after his birth.
With my fourth I ended up going to the hospital ( there was someone already having a baby at the birth center and I was progressing really really fast ) . I went home 24 hours after her birth .

Cat Abbott 2 kids; British Columbia 1389 posts
Aug 1st '13

Didn't go to the hospital at all! My planned home waterbirth went so well, my son was born 15 min before the midwife got there, lol.
My firstborn, I was in the hospital for a day. Wanted out sooner, but was sleeping when my midwife came to see me and she didn't know I didn't want to spend the night there.
I would never choose to give birth in a hospital again! Home is the place to do it!

Andie. 3 kids; Oregon 7883 posts
Aug 1st '13

My oldest I was in for 3 days I believe. My middle, I stayed 2 days. I requested an extra day with him for breastfeeding help as we had a rough start. With my 7 month old, I had her at 2 pm Friday and left around 11 am Saturday. I wanted out ASAP.

Allons-y Due January 29 (girl); 2 kids; Utah 2318 posts
Aug 1st '13

First 4 days after birth (was there 5 days total). Second about 36 after birth.

AliceTheGnome. 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Manchester, United Kingdom 2871 posts
Aug 1st '13

DS was born at 9pm and we were discharged 4pm the day after. It would have been much sooner had the people doing his hearing tests shown up on time. I wanted to be home within 6 hours, which is what they try to aim for over here, but since he was born late night I would've been happy with the next morning. As it took so long for no reason other than doctors turning up late, I am having a home birth next time.

Drunk Blair Waldorf 2 kids; Alpharetta, Georgia 19630 posts
Aug 1st '13

Screw ALL of you who got to eat steak right after giving birth! :lol:

Since I had a c-section and my legs were still numb, I had a catheter in and was only allowed a clear liquid diet until I could get my legs back and my catheter out. :x

And even then my hospital never gave me steak. Lol.

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Aug 1st '13

48 hours after each birth. I wanted to leave after 24 this last time, but my doctor wouldn't discharge me.

Mandi Bass 1 child; Minnesota 1201 posts
Aug 1st '13

2 days. I had an emergency c-section. It would have been longer but I packed my shit and left. DS was a 26 weeker and sent to a NICU at a different hospital. I hadn't gotten to meet him yet and was sick of waiting.

Kells. 18 kids; f**king, Austria 17622 posts
Aug 1st '13
Quoting Drunk Blair Waldorf:" Screw ALL of you who got to eat steak right after giving birth! :lol: Since I had a c-section and my ... [snip!] ... a clear liquid diet until I could get my legs back and my catheter out. :x And even then my hospital never gave me steak. Lol."

I had c-sections too so that was my case, too. I just got it at dinner the last meal before we left (when I was finally cleared to eat).

MommaNoodle 2 kids; Pennsylvania 13115 posts
Aug 1st '13
Quoting Kells.:" LOL, I totally felt that same way! At least, the second time. With my first birth, they told me they ... [snip!] ... great to be waited on and have pain meds in an i.v. and have endless actually GOOD food. I genuinely was a little sad to leave."

yeah, same here. it was nice getting my meals brought to me, and knowing if i had questions/concerns, someone would be right there. but i also just knew i was going home to a 7 yr old and no help caring for the new baby and i'd never get to sleep.... m bf is "around", but i live in my own house and he never helped with any feeding or changing, and pretty much still doesn't. kinda sucks. so, i cried when i got home because i needed help.

Lironah Due January 30; 5 kids; Utah 68 posts
Aug 1st '13

My first was in the NICU for most of a week, and they only discharged me half a day before they did her. I'm not sure if that's because they were concerned about me or just to let me stay and nurse her. I also had a several day stay after my C-section, though I was a bit too fuzzy to remember much of it.

Either my 2nd or my 3rd child though, we were in and out in I think 11 hours total, and only because we had to wait for the baby's doctor. That was nice - I hope to do it again with this one.

Pukey McPukerton Due January 15 (girl); Ontario 465 posts
Aug 2nd '13

I was discharged 1.5 hours after having my youngest..... Oh what I would do to find a midwife in this area -.-