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Aug 5th '13

DH and I met when I was 17 and he was 22. I was working at dunks and he coined the nickname "picky girl" for me. Well, I guess he heard me complaining about well, everything! Haha. He teased me for a few months. We flirted back and forth. Then July 29 2009 he said "bye picky girl!" As he was leaving and I said "I may be picky, but atleast I know what I like." He said "you saying you want me?!" I was "how would I know, I don't even know you!" He said "alright, well let me get your number." And it's history ever since. We haven't spent a day apart!! We started "dating" aug 4 2009. Moved in together feb 28 2010. Got engaged July 29 2010. Married aug 4 2011. Had our first son march 9 2012. Now our c section is scheduled for October 2 2013! :)

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Aug 5th '13

my mom was determined to get me away from my now ex at the time so while she was playing an online game called evony, as soon as one of her friends on there asked if she had a daughter his son could start talking to since he was bored and lonely while he was overseas, she started to tell him about me. the next day my mom had me make a profile on there and my DH made a profile and we started talking. i was beyond nervous to go any further so when he finally called me my mom kept shoving the phone at me until i finally caved and took it. we started talking sept '09, he got back state side and bought me a plane ticket to go meet in that december, but i freaked and went back to my ex, after that we slowely stopped talking to each other and on feb 14th '10 i told him never to talked to me again after i saw a pic of him at a party. thats when i knew i had falling for him and needed him back so a couple months went by and i heard he had moved back hom to GA and was single, i was determined to get a hold of him. i eventually caught him while he was on yahoo messenger june of '10 and asked for a second chance and he turned it around and made it sound like it was his fault we lost contact and apologized for the pic and he asked me to be his again, 2 weeks later he told me he never wanted to lose me again and proposed over the phone and sent me a ring, sept 27th 2010 i met him at the greyhound station in UT and his best friend took a picture of our first kiss, october 7th 2010 we got married, 2 weeks later we found out i was pregnant and here we are still happily married with 2 beautiful babies :) sorry if that was at all confusing.

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Aug 5th '13

We met online via xbox live.

I was running around in the game with my avatar drunk off my ass. He asked if i wanted to run missions with him i said i was to drunk to that i was going to bed. I gave him my in card game and my Xbox Gamer tag. I ignored him for several weeks afterwards cause he kept chasing me. Finally sat down and talked to him. We met IRL 4 months later. I moved back with him 1 week later. Been kinda stuck with him since

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Aug 5th '13

Myspace. I favorited or hearted or whatever the f**k you did on Face The Jury and he added me on Myspace because he thought I was cute and he was trying to promote his band. He didn't like me at first. Only guy I've ever chased. Started talking May of 2006, I flew to GA and we met in November of 2006, I moved here in November of 2007. We've been living together since February of 2008.
Nothing super cute but back then it was really not heard of for people [especially 18 year old people] to meet online and actually form a real relationship. His friends told him I was going to be fat [not fat] and murder him when I got here [no intention of that] so he brought his two girl friends who hate everybody. My friends told me he was going to be an old man [he's younger than I am] or be a total a*****e [nicest, most sincere and good hearted person I know]. Now I hear/read about online relationships all the time and it makes me happy that people are able to find love with somebody the way that I did and it be a happy ending.