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Jul 31st '13

This is kind of a vent sorry.

I was kidnapped and held hostage for two weeks when I was 17. The guy rapped me multiple times. I ended up pregnant from it. Anyways I ended up choosing to get an abortion. It was my choice. I just couldn't handle the thought of having a baby from being rapped.

It's really starting to bug me with all the stuff about prolife that I see on fb. I understand everyone has there own opinion on things. But to say a woman who aborts her baby should be shot. No matter if she was rapped or not because the baby isn't any less of a person. Just gets aggravating. And it hurts to see peoe say that kind of stuff. I was brutally rapped and it was my choice. I do t believe I should be shot because of it. Just upsetting.

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Jul 31st '13
Quoting Just Ames:" Block whoever is posting the hurtful things :( I'm sorry that happened to you."

This! I would delete them as a "friend". They arent "worthy" of your friendship on FB if they are posting that kinda stuff. <3

and its raped.

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Jul 31st '13

Stay strong❤