7/31 is a terrible day Amy {OneGirl, TwoBoys} 3 kids; Cincinnati, Oh, United States 24257 posts
Jul 31st '13

1) today is the first "anniversary" of my grandma's death. she died from Alzheimers & Dementia
2) just 2 hours ago, my BIL's grandma passed away. they found a brain tumor close to 2 months ago. she'd been getting worse all week but today she was the worst. then my dad told me that she died at 11:20. so, we have all of these emotions coming back from my grandma and being upset about Nini....its just too much
3) & unrelated but still adds to our amazingly sucky day...i paid our mortgage through Moneygram this morning & the agent put in the wrong account #. its too late for moneygram to fix it so i have to wait on the mortgage company to find out where the $ went and reverse it into our account. its due tomorrow.

so aggravated. i hate the 31st...

Kait. 3 kids; Iowa 2345 posts
Jul 31st '13

Aw, I'm sorry. I know it sucks to have a certain time that sucks. It's always around Christmas for us. We lost 5 family members in 2 years all between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. It makes for a hard holiday season. My thoughts are with you :(
Just have to look at all the positives about the day... like being alive and having cute kids :)