Baby constipation *tmi* StuffyLicks 1 child; Ohio 158 posts
Jul 30th '13

DD is almost 1. She's always had issues with constipation and gas. She's pretty regular, going about once a day, but the consistency varies between hard little pebbles and soft "baby poop". Yesterday I noticed her belly was a little distended, and that she was passing gas frequently. She hadn't had a BM yet. I kept her away from dairy. This morning, she was straining and whimpering, and when DH took her diaper off, her anus was stuck open with very dry poop sticking out. We used A&D to help lubricate the area, and it helped a little, but she just stood up, crouched down straining, and pushed this huge (something an adult would pass) piece of very dry poop.

She eats nothing but fresh fruits & veggies, eggs & ect. I gave her some banana with dinner, but I don't think that a few pieces of banana would cause such horrible constipation. I've talked to her doctor, they said it's common and gave us glycerin suppositories. But this isn't normal, is it? What can I give her to help her stay regular? She eats beans every day, would coconut milk help? ANY advice would be VERY much appreciated.