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Jul 30th '13
Quoting Jacob'sKeeper:" I think I make people uncomfortable all the time b/c I'll just non nonchalantly talk about him. There ... [snip!] ... memories I have of him, if something comes up in convo I can't leave it out...Well, I can, I just don't have the ability."

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! He was your son and was a huge part of your life, if it makes others uncomfortable, too bad. You obviously have more stories and memories with your son, I only had six hours with mine and what I experienced during my pregnancy, so I don't have much to talk about, but you have years of memories with him.. people can't expect you to just pretend he never existed. Everyone grieves differently.. if you want to talk about him, go for it, if you're not comfortable with pictures of him around, don't hang them.. and don't let anyone make you feel bad about your grieving process, you do what you have to do to work through your feelings. *hugs* No one should lose a child, it leaves such a huge hole in your heart and that hole will never go away but it will get easier with time, I promise.