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Jul 29th '13
Quoting ~Frodolicious~(B+M=R+?):" Has the mother or father been indicted with murder and the teens released? I would think if they had stone-cold evidence on that matter, that those two things would have happened. "

NVM read a few more articles...the only update I see is that they are charging the alleged killers mother and aunt for evidence tampering.

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Jul 29th '13
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Jul 29th '13

Where this incident occured is in fact a very bad part of town. I used to live there, and its what you make it. Theres a corner store there that everyone walks to who lives there downtown..most crime occurs in that general area. Fights, murders, robberies, ect. Ive witnessed indecent exposure in that area lol alot of homeless people hang out and panhandle..which is more along the lines of demanding money instead of asking for it.

That was no place to be walking/strolling a child..not that she didnt have the right to do so.. she shouldve been able to do that safely. Im saying its a bad area..and everyones told me its gotten worse.

The store I spoke of, has like a fortress where the register is..and bulletproof glass. That tell you anything?

Now.. It has been made into a race thing..everyone seems to make everything a race thing these days but thats besides the point.. People didnt want it swept under the rug, they wanted justice. Sometimes to get justice, you need to have more pressure from the public to explore every angle..and I agree they should be exploring every angle. That little guy deserves justice, he deserved not to have his life taken from him.

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Jul 29th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting You and me + 3:</b>" Where was Zimmerman/Martin mentioned exactly? I ran across an article on FB and posted it. Didnt know i didnt have the right to do that. Oh wait... Yes i do, its a public forum. OMG"</blockquote>

You found it on Facebook because for some reason, some people have decided to take "sides" on the Martin/Zimmerman case.

This case is the opposite (racially, not really in any other ways) of the Martin case, and therefore supporters of Zimmerman brought this case back up in order to "prove" that it "goes both ways." I've been seeing this stuff all over my FB feed too.

So, it makes sense to me, that upon hearing of this West case, some diehard Martin supporters are gonna try to punch as many holes in this poor mother's story as possible. And I call her a poor mother because that's what I consider her to be, a mother who lost her child, until facts prove to me otherwise.

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Jul 29th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting A is Me:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting You and me + 3:</b>" Where was Zimmerman/Martin mentioned exactly? ... [snip!] ... her a poor mother because that's what I consider her to be, a mother who lost her child, until facts prove to me otherwise."</blockquote>

Actually, they were doing/completing this investigation before the Martin case.. people are just trying to play this into their opinions.

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Jul 29th '13

If it's true, then the parents should be prosecuted and steps need to be taken to make sure the boys in question are fully exonerated in the public's mind. I also wouldn't be against the boys filing a civil suit.

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Jul 29th '13
Quoting A is Me:" <blockquote><b>Quoting j0des(+2):</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting A is Me:</b>" ... [snip!] ... of why these articles are being written and plastered all over Facebook, and here, all of the sudden. (The past few weeks)"

Agreed !!!!!

Each of these cases are tragic in their own ways. But I am hating the whole black crime on white crime versus the white crime on black crime. It's annoying and disrespectful to all people. Just bc you are a certain color doesn't mean you are more entitled to news coverage than someone else.

OP, I'm with everyone else. I wouldn't put too much faith in it unless it comes from a reputable site. So although it's very interesting to read, until the mother and father are charged, we can't really debate and discuss it till there's more reliable truth exposed.