Nose bleeds and leg pain smv7109 New Jersey 7 posts
Jul 28th '13

My four year old DD has been having nose bleeds frequently.. I had them as a child too if it was to hot or dry. I wasn't to concerned until tonight. I noticed a pattern in her behavior before a nose bleed. She is more on the cranky side that day, whines more, listens less (thought she was having an off day like most kids do), complains that her "legs are tired" which means they hurt (thought it was just growing pains), and when she's its time for bed she falls asleep I little faster then usual and fusses/whines in her sleep like there is something wrong (she just vot over an ear infection so i thought this was due to her ear). Since the 19th she's had 5/6 nose bleeds mostly in the middle of the night (thought it was from how hot it's been lately). Now it's happening again tonight and I can't help but think they are connected. I know no one here is a doctor but has anyone had anything similar? She woke me up at 2:45am I've been to worried to go to sleep its now 5:05 am. I left her pedi a voicemail at 3:50am but haven't heard back from her yet.. Please can anyone relate or help ease my mind?

Minions Mommy 3 kids; Go Hawks, IA, United States 2680 posts
Jul 28th '13

A couple months ago my 8 year old went thru the same thing my DH and I rushed her to the doctor where they drew blood and found out her hemoglobin and platelet count was low so we were referred to a specialist where they ran a battery of more tests. They concluded that her hemoglobin and platelet count was low because of her nose bleeds and she was having nose bleeds because her nose just needed to be casterizied. I say take her in but chances are it is nothing. I am sending prayers your way momma.