My son hit his head extremely hard today. Help !!*Gunner's Mom*!! Due May 25; 33 kids; Oceanside, California 133 posts
Jul 25th '13

My son is 7 months old. He is almost crawling and stands while holding onto objects. We had him on ou bed that is next to a wall. We were also on the bed, my husband and I. I grabbed onto the window and stood up and I went to grab him he threw his head into the window and immediately it looked like ablack dent. A few seconds later it was a large lump with bruising. We went to the ER as instructed by our doctor. They said they weren't worried because he wasn't unconscious or throwing up but did nothing else.. She said the lump was called a hemmotoma and that I should expect to find him with a black eye as the blood drains. He hit the top left corner of his forhead. Well about 5 hours after the injury he has a bloodshot red eye? Should I be concerned about this?

saageex3 2 kids; New York 6699 posts
Jul 25th '13

I always so go with your gut. If you really feel like things aren't okay then bring him back. Sometimes they overlook things or things don't pop up until later.

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Jul 25th '13

he should be fine. The bloodshot eye is probably from the pressure of the knot on his forehead :( poor little guy.
btw, be prepared cause it will most likely look 10xs worse 2moro.

!!*Gunner's Mom*!! Due May 25; 33 kids; Oceanside, California 133 posts
Jul 25th '13

Thanks ladies I feel horrible for him ):