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Jul 24th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Klaus:</b>" The petition isn't to get him back into jail, it's his mom asking to have his charges dropped to keep ... [snip!] ... but here is the link"</blockquote>

Well she's stupid as well. He deserves prosecution. I'm sure she raised the money.

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Jul 24th '13

DH plays and I heard about this when it happened. SO unbelievably stupid.

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Jul 24th '13

I got the request to sign that petition. I didn't.
He's old enough to know you don't joke like that. And apparently he had been acting a fool before that because in the petition the mom said the guy say that about shooting kindergartners after another person said he was psycho. Or something to that effect.

I think he should be convicted for something. You don't even joke about that.