Moving near fort hood? 2 girls + bun in the oven Due September 11 (girl); 2 kids; Murrieta, California 942 posts
Jul 24th '13

My husband was told that we will be stationed in fort hood texas?? Anyone know of any good family towns around it?? We will be moving in september.We have a newborn and a 3 year old.If anyone is stationed here how do you like the area my husband was told harker heights was nice? Is this a good town for children?? Thanks !!!

Subtle As A Hurricane 2 kids; Texas 4135 posts
Jul 24th '13

I recommend not living in Killeen, the closest down to base. It's not horrible, but it seems to be going down hill. Harker Heights is pretty good, and so is Belton. From other parents I've talked to, Belton has one of the best school districts around. It is a 20-30 minute drive to Ft. Hood, though. Killeen and Harker Heights schools are in the same district, but it seems like the schools in Harker Heights are better. I don't know too much about Copperas Cove, about 20 minutes from Ft. Hood in the other direction from Belton. I do know that their school district has 3 year old pre-k, and the others around here start at 4. I know next to nothing about post housing because I'm not military.

I've been in the Ft. Hood area for over 10 years, by the way. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them the best I can. :)