ugh Stephany....❤ 2 kids; KEENE, NH, United States 3165 posts
Jul 24th '13

Hate when people say omg omg I'm so badly allergic to cats, I can't stay at your house long! Then they get here, snuggle your cat, pick her up, and don't even stuff up like they say they do. Lol sorry can't say this on fb so I thought I would vent here.

Vent over!

A-Team Mammy 67 kids; United Kingdom 1535 posts
Jul 24th '13

I'd be just as pissed off as you!!!!

user banned 2 kids; Bellingham, Washington 1616 posts
Jul 24th '13

If she was allergic idk why she would touch the cat. My husband is allergic to cats and if we went somewhere they had a cat, he wouldn't pet it.

The stuffed up nose thing might be because of different ppl have slightly different symptoms. My husband doesn't get a stuffed up nose unless he is around a cat for long periods of times. Mostly it affects his eyes, they get red, itchy, paid full, watery, etc.