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Jul 22nd '13

So I have been seeing Dr. B for over 2 years now. I've actually only seen him 3 times in the 2 years. All other appointments have been done by a midwife or NP. I've been 2 times for pregnancy confirmation and 2 blood draws. I am suppose to go Wed for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. But I found out today they do not take our secondary insurance. So I can either stick woth this doctor and pay $150 per visit plus our deductable portion until baby comes or switch doctors. I have found one that will take both insurances which will save us a bunch of money. But I can't get in with them until the 30th. It will be a new OB appointment and maybe an ultrasound. I cant decide if I should keep my ultrasound with Dr. B for Wed or just wait until the 30th and hope they do an ultrasound/ Or they will schedule one for a later date.

The reason the ultrasound is so important to me is because we were just out of state on vacation and I had severe pain on my left side. I only have an ovary on that side so I am really concerned about a possible eptopic pregnancy. The severe pain has passed but I still get some pain here and there. So I really want an ultrasound just to confirm the baby is where it is suppose to be.

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Jul 22nd '13

I'd wait. If the pain passed I'd say it's probably not ectopic. That pain is generally because the baby is growing in a tube where it doesn't fit, so that pain doesn't typically just go away if it's severe, you know? And if it DOES get bad again, before the 30th, you can always go in an ER (since that's an ER worthy thing), or call your new Dr who might be able to get you in sooner or advise you.