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Jul 22nd '13

I sit there hating the fact that I hate where I am living, my house/apt crap is a one bedroom one bath. No central A/C just window A/C. No washer and dryer, live ina duplex with a shitty neighbors, who said we shouldn't own animals cause we didn't rush out the door when my puppy got hurt, had to calm her down and have stop peeing before I could pick her up. (doing better now can;t walk on her back leg till she get surgery) They talk crap about my husband and I, and act like they are the best of friends with us.

For this shity 1bed/1bath place in the KEYS, Husband and I pay $1000 a month, I could have a 2 bedroom 1 bath place for that much! We got this place cause my work had issues and didn't tell me I couldn't get govtt housing (military) until it was too late. Now that we have a baby on the way, I would love to have a theme for the baby and crib and all that. But I am unable to. After the baby is born we would have a month or so left on our lease. It is just annoying, hate my house and do not like my neighbors. But I am being good person and not saying anything......More annoyed that I pay $1000 a month for this shitty place, when someone pays $900 for a 2bed/2bath across from me and the place looks just like our but nicer!