iLL-Legal Unicorn Alien 3 kids; New York, TX, United States 37137 posts
Jul 22nd '13

I hope all of us have an easy transition!

Ƥinkƴ 34 kids; 2 angel babies; Madagascar 23789 posts
status Jul 22nd '13
homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
Jul 22nd '13

My baby has started kinder. It's so biter sweet! We started it a few weeks ago. I guess it is different for me since we homeschool, I don't have to send her off, but it is still so crazy that she's so big.

Whitney*JAS*BMM* 2 kids; Texas City, Texas 12660 posts
Jul 22nd '13

Coralynn went to prek already and she is starting kindergarten and we are both excited for the new chapter. we havent bought the supplies or clothes but we havent had the time yet. but im ok with her going, im not upset, im excited.