possible contractions Raelee Klein Due August 29; 1 child; Cocoa, Florida 5 posts
Jul 21st '13

I am 34 weeks and think I may be having contractions, but they are weird. about every 10 minutes or so I have a definite tightening around my belly. baby stops moving, and I feel like I cant breath, and there is a lot of pressure down below. and I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable. but there is pretty much no pain at all, just that. I only feel pain if I am standing at the time, and even then its bearable. I have been through pregnancy and labor before, but with my son it was completely different through the entire 9 months. and I had back labor, so there was no mistake when I started contracting. With this one, I just don't know, its been a whole new experience completely, and I want to be sure I am in fact having contractions before I head to L&D. has anyone else had this issue

.Rae.ღ 2 kids; Austin, Texas 397 posts
Jul 21st '13

That's how mine felt and they weren't even every ten minutes. I only noticed it maybe twice an hour but little did I know I was in labor and contracting!

little Leo's mama Due August 19 (boy); Van Buren, Arkansas 4 posts
Jul 21st '13

if its just tightening and a lil uncomfortable, its most likely just braxton hicks.

when they start hurting, especially in your back or lower abdomen, those are most likely real contractions.

best advice, drink water, lay on your left side, if they don't subside call your doc or L&D

Raelee Klein Due August 29; 1 child; Cocoa, Florida 5 posts
Jul 22nd '13

thanks. last night they became painful, like drop me to my knees painful, but after some time it went back to normal, going to watch and time them today, if they don't stop by the time my bf gets off work, going into L&D