Potty-training tips Seneca Thurman 2 kids; Nashville, Tennessee 609 posts
Jul 16th '13

My son is 26 months right now and recently has completly lost interest in going to the potty. We started potty training when he turned 22 months but since then we've lost track of keeping up with it. Are there any tips on getting him interested in it again? Or how long should I wait to take him each time? I've been doing it every hour on the hour but I lose track once he goes to nap(he still naps for almost two hours, if he doesn't, he will lay in his bed and watch barney until he wants out) I also don't know how to get him to the toilet fast enough in the mornings, because I have to go really badly too. So if anyone has any tips or tricks, I'd appreciate them! :D

ashley + 2 2 kids; Nebraska 1665 posts
Jul 16th '13

Honestly, if he's not interested in it just wait. It will make things much easier. If he doesn't start showing interest once he's closer to 3 I might try a little harder, but most kids I know doesn't potty train until they're closer to 3.