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Jul 16th '13

I haven't dated since my daughters father died just before she was born she was 2 in April

I've recently started dating someone else that she's always known and been around since she was born but lately she's stated acting out when he's around or when I'm on the phone to him and I'm not sure why does she know something's going on or am I just being paranoid its a hard situation and I'd understand how she felt more if I'd randomly just brought him into her life

I've also started talking to my dad again after 13 years of no contact she's never met him but I feel like all these things could be contributing to her acting out

Any advice please I'm stuck and I don't know what to do or how to reassure her as I'm not sure whats upsetting her

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Jul 16th '13

It's probably hard for her for you to be with someone else and to feel like she has to share you. She's probably just confused too since her Dad only passed away in April. I'd just comfort her whenever she acts out, that's really all she needs. :)

And I Gone!!!!!!!!! United Kingdom 46 posts
Jul 17th '13