Jeep rain cover user banned
Jul 16th '13


It's made for Jeep and we have a Graco double stroller, I'm still looking for the Graco one but do you think this would fit if I can't find it?

Rebekah Garden x3 Due October 5 (boy); 33 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 5223 posts
Jul 16th '13

Find the dimension of the jeep stroller and the dimensions of the graco if they are similar/the same, definitely!

user banned SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 24574 posts
Jul 16th '13

It should, considering that's a Graco duo glider stroller they are using in the photo to demonstrate the rain cover!

But Sasha's makes raincovers for all models, incase you can't find the Graco brand one...