Anger to manage? Susan0329 2 kids; California 4396 posts
Jul 15th '13

Im a pretty cool chic but over the last 4-5 yrs i have noticed my additude rise up a notch and my anger as well towards everything.. .. and i dont know why.. maybe i expected or invisioned my marriage to be diff not sure maybe its our finances that make me feel upset that i let it get out of hand..... i do take everything toooo seriously and i still cant manage to let that go... i try to smile and laugh then i get mad.. .hubby takes the worste hit.. we dont have sex often and he never says no to me and i always take out my anger at him and now i notice it going to my girls and that the LAST thing i would want...

I would like to ask SO for help or ways to help me cope and i know his first response will be " Stop taking everything so seriously" and im like um how do i do that... What have you done to cope and manage those anger issues towards your family.. i dont want to consider counseling yet but i know my family and friends notice it too... and im emabarassed... please help me... what have you done and has worked and you have succeeded in your efforts?? Thanks ladies...

Susan0329 2 kids; California 4396 posts
Jul 15th '13
Quoting Just Ames:" You need something to chill you out such as low dose anti depressant or anxiety medication. "

is that something i can go to my regular Doctor for do i need a specialist??? I dont want to over blow this issue when it can be something small... i dont want to depend on meds either im not a bad person but yeah anything and every little can upset me when it shouldnt... thanks :)

Melissa♥ 1 child; Massachusetts 37472 posts
Jul 15th '13

My anger was a sign of my bipolar.. I have/had nothing to be depressed abou my life is pretty good, and yet I found myself angry all the time. I started taking antidepressant and that helped a lot. I'm less angry. I have done therapy in the past, but for me it just makes me more depressed reliving everything I've been through so my PCp and I decided to try out the meds and have a therapist on call if I ever needed one

Violent Femme 2 kids; Toronto, Ontario 696 posts
Jul 15th '13

My doc suggested St Johns Wort ( herbal medication). I'm wary of Rx antidepressants.
I found it helps immensely with my anger (especially PMS).
Talk to your doc about it.