Recurrent UTI's in 3 yr old BrandyBug 2 kids; Oregon 21 posts
Jul 15th '13

So my 3 1/2 year old daughter has had approx. 7 UTI's this year. She has been to see a urologist and they did an ultrasound on her kidneys and an x-ray on her mid section. Everything came back normal and healthy, except that she was constipated. They put her on a Miramax supplement daily because they said the constipation was the CAUSE of the UTI's. Even after the Miramax supplement she is still having recurrent UTI's...
Any ideas on what the cause could be. She doesn't use bubble bath, all of our soaps have been the same brands since her birth, she eats crainsins daily for urinary tract health and is have BM regularly. Has anyone had this experience before?

Allissa Specht 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Essexville, Michigan 5736 posts
Jul 15th '13

The constipation can cause UTI's and well, Miralax doesn't work for my daughter either. She has had UTI's since she was a baby. Have they done testing for urinary reflux? Like, put a catheter into her bladder and fill and empty her bladder to see what happens? If not, I'd suggest requesting that being done. Otherwise, sometimes it happens. I am built in a way that makes me more susceptible to infections, as is my daughter. It could just be something she will struggle with. Just be sure that you are wiping her front to back and keeping her dry.

ElleCole+triplets 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 33256 posts
Jul 15th '13

Some people are just prone to them, she may have a shorter urethra which makes it easier for bacteria to get up there...I'd start some uti OTC preventative pills (ask her doc about it) she wiping front to back?

Summerfrost 51 kids; Massachusetts 6871 posts
Jul 15th '13

It's funny but I just read an article on this about the constipation/UTI link. I wish I had the link. Anyway, basically when a kid is constipated enough, they lose muscle tone in their bottoms. (think kegels) It can cause all sorts of issues. Frequent potty issues,etc. It takes a little while for everything to get back to normal. I want to say the article said a couple of months.

You have to work on getting the poop issue taken care of and then the muscles have to tighten up again and get muscle tone going in their bottoms. It's not an overnight fix to fix the constipation. You have to keep them constipation free for a while. <--- that's a bunch of medical stuff that basically says that frequent UTI's are linked to involuntary peeing. <-- that one's on the link between bowels and bladder.

There was a better article but i can't find it now. Good luck OP!

GetItGirl Due September 21; 2 kids; Virginia 3096 posts
Jul 15th '13

I went through maybe 3 years of my life where I constantly got UTI's and I still get them very easily...I cannot take baths, or use certain soaps and I have to pee RIGHT after sex (not that your 3 yo will have that problem) but everytime I go to the doc they say everything is normal.

BrandyBug 2 kids; Oregon 21 posts
Jul 15th '13

Summerfrost: Thanks for the links.
This has been an issue for several months now, so I don't think that being constipated is the reason, at least not entirely.
Allissa Specht: No she has not had that procedure done, but I think that will probably be in the near future.

MAAAMMEEE!!! TTC since Mar 2016; 1 child; Hobe Sound, FL, United States 841 posts
Jul 15th '13

My friend's daughter used to get a lot of UTI's b/c she was allergic to red dye, which is in everything practically (Doritos, frozen waffles).