Problems dialating?? яαcheℓ 3 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 347 posts
Jul 15th '13

Has anyone every had problems dialating with more than one pregnancy??

With my first (long story short) I went in the night of Sept. 7, 2009 for contractions. They were strong and close, but I didn't progress so they sent me home. Then the night of Sept. 11, 2009 I went in for my water leaking; so of course they kept me. After hours of being there, I was still stuck at 2cm, so I had to be induced. I had him at 5:58pm on September 12th. I was 38wks.

Today, I am 37wks & 3days with my second. Again, long story short - three nights ago I lost my plug, a few hrs later I started having normal Braxton hicks contractions. After a while, they got close together and more intense..and became a consistent 3min apart. Went in yesterday morning to get checked, and make sure my water wasn't leaking, and there was absolutely no change. I was 1.5cm at my last appt (this past Friday) and was exactly the same when I got checked yesterday. Now, I know that I'm still only 37wks, and I know that I was only checked 2days prior to my hospital visit yesterday, but im just really surprised that even as strong as the contractions were there was absolutely no change. I started thinking about it - and I'm just wondering if this could possibly be a repeat of my first pregnancy? That might sound silly, and I know that every pregnancy is different; but could it be possible that I just have a problem dialating on my own?? Anyone else ever have something similar happen??

I just really don't want to be given a dose of pit again if the time comes and my contractions don't help me progress :(

Sorry for the long post, TIA!

user banned 3 kids; Portland, Michigan 15675 posts
Jul 15th '13

Just because you had problems with your dilating with your first that doesn't mean you will with this pregnancy. Like you said, you're still early on and you could be stuck at 1.5cm until you're 40 weeks. I was at 2cm for 2 weeks, then 3cm for 2 weeks, went into the hospital the night before I was supposed to be induced and I was 5cm and at 10cm my contractions weren't even that strong apparently because I wasn't able to feel them when the doctor was telling me to push.