3hr glucose question Serenity,Kenzie,& Lilly's 2 kids; Mississippi 1287 posts
Jul 15th '13

Hey all. I have to do my 3 hours test tomorrow and they said to have nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Now I didn't have an issue with this with my last two being npo was no big deal. Well now I am working and I work 7p-7a and will need water. Our lab tech at work said it shouldn't hurt the test at all but may make me feel a little sick. Has anyone else still drank water after 12 went and did the test and ended up fine.

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Jul 15th '13

I drank water after midnight with my 3 hour. I even drank water during it and it helped with the nausea. After the 2nd hour I started getting really nauseous so I started sipping my water and felt better. And my test came out fine.

Rebekah Garden x3 Due October 5 (boy); 33 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 5223 posts
Jul 15th '13

I was allowed to drink water. It helped filled me up. I was starving.