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Jul 15th '13

My friend wants to have a baby so badly.Been trying for 6 months.She took a few test and thought the one came out positive but it must of been evap. She got a blood test today and its negative. Her period is 10 days late and shes usually regular. I dont know what advice to give her.

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Jul 15th '13

They're are some natural herbs that can help her conceive. And if she uses lube when she gets down, I think the TTC-friendly one is called pre-seed or something like that. I heard continuing to lie down after sex with your hips/butt elevated helps too but I'm not sure how much truth is behind that one... And tracking her fertile days. Toooooo much sex can lower sperm count. She can get tests for like $20 that will show her most fertile days so she knows when to have sex haha.

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Jul 15th '13

after my miscarriage my obstetrician told us that when trying you try every 2nd day from the 10th day of your cycle to the 24th day of your cycle ... then refrain from sex until the next cycle. That way it gives the sperm time to replenish.