Sex soreness question Butterball TTC since Jan 2015; 1 child; 3805 posts
Jul 14th '13

Dh and I had sex a week ago, which was one of my fertile days, since then my ovary (I'm guessing) is SOOO sore. Today we fooled around with some toys and it was painful and had to stop, because it was so sore. (Also the pain is mainly on my left side.)

I've read on a couple of sites that it could be a symptom of being pregnant. I don't know how true that is but I was wondering is it normal to be sore like this, even a week after intercourse?

**Blessed_Insanity** 7 kids; Wyoming 19410 posts
Jul 14th '13

I have never heard of a sore ovary being a symptom of pregnancy, a symptom of ovulation yes, a symptom of a cyst on the ovary yes possible. But never heard it was for pregnancy.