weird dream Kristen Daniel Due August 13 (girl); 16 kids; Japan 1 posts
Jul 14th '13

I had a crazy dream that i went into labor and had my baby girl and she was so beautiful but as i was admiring her she changed into this weird hideous demon baby. I woke up crying. This ever happened to any of yall? 36 wks and 2 days

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Jul 14th '13

Yes!!!! I dreamt my daughter had this weird beak face. And it hurt when she nursed. I was about 38 weeks along at the time. I think it's perfectly normal. You're subconscious is trying to prepare itself for the unknown. And is apparently a little scared of giving birth.

ErinNicoleBeverly Due August 11 (girl); Liberty, Missouri 75 posts
Jul 14th '13

That is normal. I have those dreams all the time. Youre getting anxious too:). and if you are due august 14th how are you 36 weeks, 2 days? Im due august 12 and Im only 35 weeks,6 days? Just wondering.