Any idea's? Alicia Skinner Due February 28; 18 kids; North Port, Florida 22 posts
Jul 10th '13

So this is my fourth pregnancy, and i have to children with this one on the way. Anyways ive been having nasuea all day long and i eat and sleep which help some but is there anything i can take to help some? I usally have to sit down and let it pass but with two active toddlers...its hard lol

Mandi Bass 1 child; Minnesota 1201 posts
Jul 10th '13

Your OB can prescribe something if it's really bad. Also, their are lozenges and popsicles that are supposed to help, but I don't know if they actually work or not.

Christine_Elizabeth 5 kids; 1 angel baby; St. Petersburg, FL, United States 7422 posts
Jul 10th '13

Popsicles work best for me. Find the flavor you like best. Helps a lot.

You can also try toast, crackers, and ginger ale. Anything cold really helps and just make sure you're drinking a lot of water.

If you're throwing up all day long your doc can give you Zofran, but if it's just nausea you'll just have to try some home remedies.

Alicia Skinner Due February 28; 18 kids; North Port, Florida 22 posts
Jul 10th '13

Just Nausea thank god lol...with my first i had it for a few weeks and it stopped...with my son i had it for 4-5 months and so many complications so i am thrilled for no vommiting...just wondering for when i go back to work on the 19th and wont beable to eat every 10 mins lol

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
Jul 10th '13

I would keep some crackers on hand and they would usually make the nausea subside. The nausea usually slows down once you're out of the first trimester, so hopefully you are almost there.

Queen Rosa 4 kids; Sarasota, Florida 5000 posts
Jul 15th '13

Ginger, Vitamin B6 eating small meals often helps I had it my entire pregnancy with my 3rd