roflcopterrr Arkansas 478 posts
Jul 10th '13

My OB gave me a list of restrictions to follow for a "healthy" pregnancy past a certain number of weeks.
It says something along the lines of not being able to lift over 50 pounds repetitively past 20 weeks and over 24 pounds repetitively past 24 weeks... or over 50 pounds intermittently past 30 weeks.
Every doctor is different though.

vincents mommy :] [BAMF] 1 child; Illinois 6499 posts
Jul 10th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mrs.Mud:</b>" Do they not have lift machines you can use? I worked as a CNA until 40 weeks pregnant with both my second ... [snip!] ... fine. Just be sure to use proper body mechanics... bend at your knees, not your waist. Use a third person if necessary."</blockquote>

You can only put the people that are assign to get lifted with one everyone wales is a 2 man lift. And yeah we can use three people of we have enough staff or I can have ppl lift for me.

Emily Kearney 2 kids; Chesterton, Indiana 70 posts
Jul 10th '13

I'm 30 weeks and do physical therapy in a hospital. I'm constantly lifting people all day long, some that are 400+ pounds. My doctor told me as long as I'm not having any problems or complications, I'm ok lifting until I deliver.

takemeaway Due February 17 (girl); 2 kids; Kansas City, Mo, United States 1108 posts
Jul 10th '13

I work for an in home care company and also at a hospital. As long as your not on any restriction there should be no problems! Use good body mechanics and ask for help when you feel you need it!