Mommy to 3 ❤️❤️❤️ 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Somewhere, TN, United States 3866 posts
Jul 10th '13

I was 17 when I got pregnant with DD, whos now getting ready to turn six. I just came right out and told my mom. She cried but utimantly handled it well. She then told my dad, he immediately left the house and didn't speak to me for six months. After DD was born he ended up in a mental hospital and blamed it all on me, for getting pregnant so young. I married DD's dad one month before she was born. We have been married for six years and we are happy. We were both nervous and scared but happy by the time she was born. His parents were amazing. They excepted it, immediately welcomed me into their family with open arms, they were and still are amazing support. They bought us a house even, before we got married.

BeautifullyDoomed 2 kids; Corpus Christi, 456 posts
Jul 10th '13

I was 16 and told them on april fools day. They thought it was a joke but the next day I told them again and my mom was so unhappy with me. She didnt speak to me for almost a month. My dad was very supportive cause he knew there was nothing he could do about it. My bf at the time was real supportive till he broke up with me 3 months in. Hasn't been around since and now my parents love their grand baby but they acted the same way when I was 18 and told them I ws pregnant with #2 but they love them both and are very supportive

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
Jul 10th '13

I called her up and said 'I'm pregnant' my mum didn't take it well she flipped her shit but came around and drive 3 hours for the birth and stayed with me for 2 weeks to help. My dad was disappointed but calm. Sometimes I think disappointed is worse than angry lol. Yes we're still together and have had 2 more children! My 'baby' is almost 7 and he's fine thanks!

mαkαnαni Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77303 posts
Jul 12th '13

Shouldn't they already know you're a teen? :lol:

Simply Sara Due January 11; Holly Pond, Alabama 96 posts
Jul 13th '13

I'm 17.
I just straight up told Mom "I'm pregnant" as soon as I found out She looked at me like she didn't believe me, but then i burst into tears and couldn't stop crying so she just hugged me and told me we'd be okay. I seriously cried about two hours. She never really got angry, just really excited.
My dad died a few years ago, so I didn't have to face that bullet O_O though I think he'd - eventually- be happy to be A grandpa too. :)
My boyfriend thought I was joking at first, and again, I teared up, and he just hugged me and got super excited.
Were still together, and we can't be happier.
IMO its easier just to tell everyone straight up and not stress, because its bad for you and the baby, and if you're already pregnant, there's nothing really you can do about it, so get your moral support nd research your options.

RissaBbyGurl_456 Due July 14; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Arizona 994 posts
Jul 13th '13

I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, told my mom the day after I found out. She never yelled or cried, just was in shock but very supportive. My dad on the otherhand didnt talk to me for a month and he was a totally jerk my entire pregnancy. But after my son was born he cooled down and now loves my little boy:)