SSI.. j0des(+2) 18 kids; Virginia 5095 posts
Jul 8th '13

How long did it take(for you) to get approved/denied?

I put in the proper info online to get the ball rolling a few weeks ago but I couldnt get an appointment until the end of this month to put in the actual physical paperwork.

I also applied for supplemental insurance, but they are asking me to apply for my youngest as well, so stall there.

I cant continue my sons therapies and its somewhat upsetting. He was really getting somewhere with OT..he even went back himself last time!

Chibs 2 kids; Missouri 12147 posts
Jul 8th '13

ive been denied 4 times
the last time my parents applied for me since i was 17,it took a few months for me to be denied. i had just turned 18 and hired a lawyer to appeal it
it then took over a year to go through the appeal,court and for them to reach the decision and to start receiving payments

j0des(+2) 18 kids; Virginia 5095 posts
Jul 8th '13

Thanks for the replies ladies :)

I know that sometimes they will deny you outright within a month or stepdad is a veteran and he has been denied a good 5 times.

I just want to be sure to help him while he is young so he is able to live as normal as possible as an adult. I dont want to be left in the balance forever..but once we get settled up we can resume therapy asap. Its good to know whats in front of me so I can prepare myself.