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Jul 7th '13


At 8 weeks postpartum I was given the birthcontrol of my choice, Mirena IUD!

It went in and I bled, bled, bled. Then when I finally stopped bleeding I went to go check my strings, nothing. No strings, called my doc, he got me in asap, no strings.

Got an ultrasound done, Mirena was still in place, but the strings were gone, I decided to leave it.

4 years and 9 months of Mirena bliss, no babies, no periods, no break through bleeding!

At 4 years, I went to the local Health Department which is where around here they do wic, and things like vaccines, yearly paps, birthcontrol, etc.

I got my yearly done and told them my Mirena was going to expire this year and wanted to talk about getting a new one. They signed me up for Arch foundation who gave me a new Mirena IUD for free! Yaaay!

I made an appointment to get mine replaced, they said they could get it out no problem, even with the missing strings.
Made it to the appointment, waited 2 hours for them to tell me they messed up my paperwork and I would have to take a new STI test and the results wouldnt be back until after this one expired.

I was furious, took the STI test, went back in and they told me everything came back negative so they could go ahead and replace my IUD!

I laid on the table and the woman went to work, I asked her to ONLY tell me each time she was about to insert something into me, she did not,

Instead she just did it with out warning.

I heard her say she could see it and asked for the 'grabber' where I felt her shove it into me repeatedly not pulling anything out but grasping pieces of my cervix with each attempt, then she decided I should be dialated. So she placed that into me and opened it all the way with out warning and went to town again.

I screamed multiple times for her to stop, but she did not. I finally said, loudly "OKAY YOU HAVE TO STOP!" And she said 'Do you want me to stop?'


So she removed everything and her assistant ran to my side, to comfort me. When I sat up there was blood every where and she decided to quote me her statistics of removing IUDs, and I looked at her and said 'I dont care,'

I went home in pain, I called my OB/GYN the next day who after hearing what happened wanted to see me immediatly. I went in and he said the pain was probably from them puncturing my uterus, I needed to go in for a ct scan immediatly.

He called the other place who handed over my new IUD to him because they 'couldnt handle it.'

I was put on bed rest for the weekend, no work, no heavy lifting. Except, they also gave me an infection, which meant that with the IUD could spread quickly and kill me. I was brought to the ER with a resting heartrate of 120bpm.

Immediatly admitted and given IV meds, pain relief, antibiotics, and nausua medicatopn since I kept throwing up. A. Few hours later my heartrate dropped to normal and I was sent home with a ton of meds.

OB/GYN called to tell me he was scheduling me for surgery, there was no internal bleeding which he was afraid of, small punctures and they had managed to move the IUD but not remove it.

It being moved apparently paired with the expiring sent my uterus into pissed off mode, the Mirena doesnt let you ovulate, but it was expiring with little hormones left, so it was attempting to ovulate then it'd be shut down.


Missed a week of work..

Had outpatient surgery on 7/5. My OB/GYN had me knocked out then he attempted to remove it. He had no issues removing it, then took a scope throughout my uterus and ovaries to make sure everything healed up and I wasnt going to die, placed my new IUD and cut the strings super long.

Moral of the story or [tl;dr]

Dont let anyone except who placed your IUD to replace your IUD.

The end.

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Jul 7th '13

all that and you still got a f**king new one?

f**k that shit, you are brave.

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Jul 7th '13

Sue their asses

MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 47032 posts
Jul 7th '13

f**k that noise, I'd have refused a new one.

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Jul 7th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting JiLLiAN.:</b>" all that and you still got a f**king new one? f**k that shit, you are brave."</blockquote>

Yes I did. Its not the IUDs fault lol

I really liked not having periods and its the only birthcontrol that has worked for me.

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Jul 7th '13


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Jul 7th '13

Woww, that's really scary. I wouldn't have gotten a new one, you my dear are brave. Glad you're okay though!

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12304 posts
Jul 7th '13

I would definitely be filing some sort of complaint if not a lawsuit against them. All the extra medical bills including surgery because of that? I'd definitely be raising hell with whoever did that. Glad your OB was able to get you taken care of properly.

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Jul 7th '13

Owwwww. Sorry you went through that.

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Jul 7th '13

Wow.. yeah f**k all that nonsense. I had Mirena once. It sucked balls. I am never placing a foreign device up into my uterus ever again.

I think I'd just stick to going to your regular OBGYN office for now on. I'm glad you are okay and it didn't end up worse.

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Jul 7th '13

Oh wow... It sounded so good in the beginning. Glad you are ok now though.

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Jul 7th '13

With all the horror stories about IUD's makes me not wanna get one.

Hope you feel better! Glad everything in the end was OK

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Jul 7th '13

Did you call and report that sorry woman who effed it up originally?
She absolutely should not be allowed to do that to other women.
So sorry you dealt with that.

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Jul 8th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting VeggieBurglar:</b>" Did you call and report that sorry woman who effed it up originally? She absolutely should not be allowed to do that to other women. So sorry you dealt with that. "</blockquote>

Shes not there any longer.

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status Jul 8th '13

I'm terrified of getting and IUD. I'd be a good canidate btu I refused cause it scares me. I'll stick with my pills.

Glad you're fine though. That was surely a scary experience