I cant even deal. Caimma 1 child; New Zealand 1129 posts
Jul 7th '13

Caitlyn's f**king family are doing it again.

They complain that they never get to see DS and that we are preventing them from seeing him. We went to her brothers because his wife is having an induction tomorrow since bubs has stopped growing. We dropped some preemie stuff we had over just incase and who is there when we turn up. Her Mom and Nan. Her Mom cant even drive an hour to see her grandson yet drove 3 hours to pick up her Mom so they can try and be at the birth tomorrow. Didnt even tell Caitlyn or go and see her.
What is worse is they are intent on being in the room when D has said over and over she doesnt want them in there. It was the same thing with DS's birth and in the end I didnt get to see my son born.
They were so rude. Talked over us all the time, gave us bad looks, wouldnt talk to either of us.

It got too far though. Her Nan told her thats she has to go to her Nephews birthday next Saturday. It doesnt matter to her that you know I have work and cant drive anymore so Caitlyn had to take me to work and pick me up and drop me off and that maybe they are busy but no she said they have to go.
When DS was born she bought him some jeans and today told D that Caitlyn is going to give them to her since he has nearly grown out of them. What the shit? They are hers.

I just cant even deal some times.

☆ Erica 1 child; Flat Rock, Michigan 1439 posts
Jul 7th '13

My boyfriends parents didn't approve of me either. They didn't think the baby was his and so they were also rude and they never came around. They missed the first 4 1/2 months of DD's life. We basically said "okay, c ya!", and just focused on our little family. We didn't need them, and we weren't going to try if they weren't willing to try as well. Now they want us to visit every weekend :roll:

Maybe you guys should try treating them more like they're treating you ya know? Nothing is more important than your little family and if they're not accepting or willing to try, then you shouldn't waste your effort. Just ignore their comments and basically make it obvious that you don't care about what they think or have to say. This is your baby too and as much as they don't want to accept it, they should have to in order to be in LO's life. I'm sorry you're going through this shit though, I know it sucks.