1inpink3inblue Due December 7 (boy); 3 kids; Switzerland 13391 posts
Jul 6th '13

My got better with the first two and much worse with my third. Thank good for mama cloths because regular pads just don't cut it any more.

xilwolx 6 kids; New York, ny, United States 20879 posts
Jul 6th '13

I've had three kids and up until my first pregnancy I didn't realize that periods aren't always complete and utter hell for everyone. After my second pregnancy my periods were easy, but I think that's cause I breastfed. I also got pregnant with my third about 6 months later. After my third it was back to hell again, then I had a hysterectomy and now I don't have periods.

SuperSecret123 Japan 220 posts
Jul 6th '13

interesting results! before I ever got pregnant my period wasn't that bad, never had cramps but my God I was a huge b***h, extremely emotional, ate everything in sight, got terrible break outs, just hated life until my period would start...I would also be terribly fatigued like call into work I couldn't move lol... so just the pms was terrible, no cramps and bleeding was average... and when I would ovulate I'd have so much ewcm, be horny as f**k lol...

and now four pregnancies later, I barely notice when it's ovulation time or when my period is about to start...and my periods are even lighter... I'm loving not pmsing anymore but I used to love ovulation time... my skin was amazing, I felt thinner, I was horny and getting lots of sex lol, my mood was almost manic, then hell before af would show lol