Allergic reaction or sick? Mandi Bass 1 child; Minnesota 1201 posts
Jul 4th '13

DS is 9 months, 6 months adjusted. I'm not sure if he's sick, has allergies like SO, or if he's allergic to the apples he just tried. We fed him apples for the first time yesterday for both lunch and dinner. It was his first time trying them. He could also be developing allergies. SO has severe allergies to cats, dogs, and grass pollen. DS's reaction is alot like SO's when he gets into something. When he woke up this morning he had a cough. Not terrible, but it sounded kind of rough. He took a nap after eating and slept from 8:30am to almost 1:30pm. This isn't normal for him, but does occasionally happen if he's having a growth spurt.

When he woke up he sounded pretty bad. He's coughing (not a dry cough, it does sound kind of weak though). He has minor retractions while breathing and his sinuses are very plugged. He's not wheezing or having any lung secretions that we can hear. One of his eyes is very watery and they both appear to be itchy- he keeps rubbing them.

I tried putting him on his oxygen and he started sounding better right away. The retractions went away almost immediately. He's still very congested though.We're trying to decide if we should take him into emergency tonight or wait and see his pediatrician in the morning (unless he shows drastic improvement). He's eating just fine, still taking 7 ounces every 3-4 hours. He's had plenty of wet diapers and doesn't have a fever. Right now he's asleep with his oxygen on and seems to be doing okay each time I check on him. We've also got the humidifier and air purifier in his room going.

What do you ladies think and what would you do?

Mandi Bass 1 child; Minnesota 1201 posts
Jul 5th '13
Quoting Abby and Graceys mom:" I would personally take him in it is better safe then sorry. My oldest was very sick and the first time ... [snip!] ... I am not wanting to scare you I just don't want you to see what I saw with my little girl. I am sending prayers your way."

Thank you for offering advice! We've been down the RD road several times with DS. We took him in and he has an upper respiratory infection. They gave him some steroids and sent him home. He sounds pretty rough but his lungs are all clear. Poor baby's sinuses are all filled up :( Hopefully he gets better fast!