Rob's Living Dead Girl Royersford, Pennsylvania 4316 posts
Jul 4th '13

I usually pronounce it as Steven with a V.

*Big Mama of 4* 20 kids; Jackson, Tennessee 363 posts
Jul 4th '13
Quoting Glo♥:" It's pronounced Steven but to me that makes no sense at all. I might be biased though my middle name is Stephanie."

I agree. It's silly for it to be pronounced Steven, but it clearly looks like Stef-en...I do know a few people who pronounce their name Stef-en.

Angela Pride Mississauga, Ontario 4 posts
Jul 5th '13

I am totally agree with all views but i think it must be pronounce ste-fen just because of ph -f . So correct pronounce is Stefen not steven.

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Jul 5th '13

I think it depends on what they say they pronounce their name as. I now a Stephen that pronounces his name like Steven and a Stephen that pronounces it like stef-an and another person who pronounces it stef-on

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
Jul 5th '13

Just like Steven usually but some people like Steph Curry from the golden state warriors pronounce it Steffen.