Harry Potter Trivia 7/3 ~*~HeatherC~*~ 2 kids; Ontario 1998 posts
Jul 3rd '13

1. Don't use the internet (unless otherwise stated). All answers can and must be found in the HP books and movies, unless otherwise explicitly stated. If you are suspected of cheating, you could be expelled from the game and your house will also lose points.

2. To answer the question, send a PM to me. If you have any questions, either post them in this thread or send me a PM. DO NOT POST ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD!! (unless stated otherwise)

3. Your answer must include your NAME, your HOUSE, and WHERE you found your answer. If you used a book, list the book and page number (ex. CoS p22). If you used a movie, list the movie name and "movie". (ex. PoA movie) If you knew the answer from memory or are making a guess, write (memory) or (guess). If you do not include ALL of this info, your answer will not count.

You MUST answer all questions to do the bonus :)

Question 1 worth 200 points lose 100 incorrect
Who used the spell Densaugeo? Who did it hit and what happened?

Question 2 worth 100points lose 50 incorrect
What did Mrs Weasley argue with Bill about?

Question 3 worth 300 points lose 150 incorrect
What did Voldemort do with the resurrection stone? How did he have it?

Question 4 worth 100 points lose 50 incorrect
What did Voldemort ask Dumbledore to give him?

Bonus worth 500 points
What character would you most want to be and why?