Heddur 4 kids; Saskatchewan 28830 posts
Jul 4th '13

Before you stuff your baby full of wallpaper paste, compare the nutritional values of rice cereal, and a whole veg.

I am all for blw, after 6 months, and I am doing it with my Own daughter, if your baby has already started on purees, switching to blw could be dangerous.

Mandhee Dhandapani 2 kids; Houston, Texas 574 posts
Jul 4th '13

i started when she was 5 months on rice cereal , oatmeal, multigrain cereal , and wheat cereal....i mixed a little in her bottle with the formula and she took to it great for her foods i would mix it in with the gerbers..but if i tried feeding her it by itself ..she would not eat it ...

Sierra McRoberts 2 kids; Kendallville, Indiana 34 posts
Jul 10th '13

y son is not on purees. i just stick the babyfood fruit in his cereal to give it flavor. my son will not take it in the bottle.