ok so I'm 24w and 5days and I am haveing a problem with my B Jessica Garduno Due October 15 (boy); 1 child; Salisbury, North Carolina 29 posts
Jul 2nd '13

SO for the last week me and my boy friend have been having some problems. We were supposed to move to Texas together but his grand father passed away like a week b4 we were going to move so he left so he could go to the funeral and so we decided I would stay here with my family untill august. But we are having a hard time finding a place in Texas bc I have things on my criminal record that I didn't know about well I knew about but had happened a few years ago and I had for got because the charges were dropped I honestly didn't know it would still go on my record. It was from things that happened with my 1st sons dads family. And now that he we found out what was holding us back from getting a place he acts like I lied about everything. I told him about the problems I had with that family. But I don't really know the criminal stuff works and the charges were dismissed. He is making me feel like he does'nt want to be with me any more and I am scard this is going to be the end of our relationship. What am I going to do he wont even answer his phone I gave him and talk to me.

CokiMonsta 1 child; Virginia 348 posts
Jul 2nd '13

Trying to understand why he is so upset with you to the point of making you feel like its almost over. That's crazy...should definitely be more understanding, just like you had to be with him.

Jessica Garduno Due October 15 (boy); 1 child; Salisbury, North Carolina 29 posts
Jul 2nd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting redneck mamma:</b>" If the charges were dropped nothing should be on your record."</blockquote>

The charges were dismissed and thats what I thought also but when I went and got a copy it was on there but it says it was dismissed. And that isn't even the thing the apartment is worrying about its a charge where I let an old boyfriend drive my car without a license and I was in the car with him. I really don't even know everything that is on his record either but the stuff I do know I'm not getting all worked up about.