E'M Shikari Due March 10 (boy); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Preston, United Kingdom 1747 posts
Jul 1st '13
Quoting 3LittleMonkeys:" you'll be fine. Just keep your lines of communication open. That's so huge all around it really does ... [snip!] ... months old. It was hectic and I was terrified. Honestly, now they're 4 and oldest is almost 6 and this is the worst so far LOL"

Yeah, we talk everything through and he is very mature (as mature as men come haha). Ah well if other people can do it then I am sure I can! Thanks :)

SomeMommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, IL, United States 71815 posts
Jul 1st '13
Quoting E'M Shikari:" Yeah, we talk everything through and he is very mature (as mature as men come haha). Ah well if other people can do it then I am sure I can! Thanks :)"

yes you can!

Rebekah Garden x3 Due October 5 (boy); 33 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 5223 posts
Jul 1st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting E'M Shikari:</b>" Ahhh same boat as me then! I'm trying to get myself feeling more excited :P"</blockquote>

Yeah it will come. I was terrified at first! Now I am excited. DS is excited I think too! He loves carrying around his brother outfits and he hugs my belly and blows raspberries on it! It's sweet!

Brantley+Savannah 2 kids; Mills River, NC, United States 3119 posts
Jul 1st '13

It will be okay. DS will be 15 months when his sister is born in November.

Trey&Genesis'momma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Somewhere, IN, United States 4802 posts
Jul 1st '13

It'll be okay! I have three kids all 16 months exactly apart in age. I was terrified too especially from going from one to two but it wasn't bad really. Same with going from two to three. It can be overwhelming at times but just take deep breaths and try to relax. You will make it through. You can PT me too if you want. :)

Maura Farthing Due November 24; Tampa, Florida 5 posts
Jul 1st '13

My son was 7 months when I found out I was pregnant. Feeling very overwhelmed as well, considering my husband is never home (he works 2 jobs to support us) and my son seems to get very jealous when I am holding other babies. Don't let anyone get you down, it will be hectic that's for sure, but all worth it of course! Think about it this way, when they are closer together they are more likely to get along better, and you will have them outta the house before you know it! No dealing with teenagers at 50! lol. Praying for you & all of the hard working mommies out there with two in diapers!! :)

LoveMyBubbaBoy Due October 4; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 3214 posts
Jul 1st '13

Op! I got a (shocking surprise) bfp when ds was 8 months old... I'm 34 weeks and it still hasn't sunk in yet. Lol. Ill let you know how it goes. ;)

FertileMyrtle2011 Due November 13 (twins); 3 kids; Indiana 185 posts
Jul 1st '13

I have a 2 year old girl, 11 month old boy, and am currently 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys. Yes i will have 4 under 3! I also have a 9 year old girl but as any 9 year old would be, she only helps when she feels like it which is hardly ever. My husband works 3rd shift so all night feedings and sleepless nights are solely on me. Know that your situation could be a lot worse. Be grateful to have 2 children and take it day by day.

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
Jul 1st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting E'M Shikari:</b>" Very but we haven't been together that long at all..."</blockquote>

Good! We are here for you, it's busy at first with a newb but then gets much easier.

Irish Twins Mama ♥ 2 kids; Iowa 2147 posts
Jul 1st '13

I'm preparing for two under one. C: It'll be alright mama, you can do it!

Rachel Whalen 1 child; New York 406 posts
Jul 1st '13

one of my friends got pregnant on BC two mnths after her DD was born. now she has 2 babys 11 mnths apart and she loves it so much. im sure everything will b ok for you.

onehitsgirl Due January 27; 50 kids; 3 angel babies; Springfield, il, United States 5787 posts
Jul 2nd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting E'M Shikari:</b>" I went to the doctor today and she put me at being six weeks pregnant. DD is 9 months old. I am so so ... [snip!] ... the select few people I have told already have made me feel really shitty about it... Please someone tell me it will be ok?!"</blockquote>

I felt the same way when my son was almost 7 months and I was pregnant my kids are 18 months apart. It is hard at first but it does get easier while the days go by

CachetNicole Due July 30 (girl); 3 kids; Atlanta, Georgia 61 posts
Jul 2nd '13

Everything will be okay. I was a little over 5 months pregnant with my 3rd, when I found out I was expecting my 4th. She's due at the end of this month, and by then my littlest one will be 14 months. From what I've heard it's easier to have them close together. Trust and believe that everything happens for a reason, and things are not put on you that you can not handle. Good luck Hun!! :D

7 lucky charms Due February 28; 7 kids; Ireland 1958 posts
Jul 2nd '13

i had 5 kids from aged 6 down at one stage. its all about getting into a routine that works for you and the kids. don't worry about what others say its your life ,your kids let them worry about their own lives.

Jayden N Bentlees mama Due October 16 (boy); 18 kids; Ohio 8 posts
Jul 2nd '13

People are going to tell u that ur crazy and ur going to have a hard time but I have a 2yr old (10-6-10) 19 months later had my 2nd son (5-24-12) and now I have my 3rd lil man on the way 17 months from my youngest (10-20-13) plus I have a 5yr old step son it won't always be easy u may sit back and ask ur self if ur crazy some days but ur children's smiles will make every thing worth it at the end of the night or to hear mommy I love you coming from ur babys keep ur head up it will get better better and don't let people get to u