ultrasound mum2witches Due January 21; Middlesbrough, United Kingdom 7 posts
Jul 1st '13

hi all new to this, was just wondering is it possible 4 hospital 2 miss twins on early ultrasound as when i show ppl my scan pik they ask if i am having twins??

nursemaya mom to 3! TTC since Oct 2017; 3 kids; 5 angel babies; Minnesota 16020 posts
Jul 1st '13

With a shitty ultrasound, yes. But I would doubt it is likely. What everyone thought was a second sac on my ultrasound, was actually a large ovarian cyst. 20 weeks and 4 ultrasounds later, just one baby.

Bekkir91 Due July 28 (boy); 17 kids; United Kingdom 101 posts
Jul 1st '13

I suppose they could but if a trained technician missed it I doubt and old joe would spot it. On my us pi c with ds2 it looks like he has 3 arms but its just a rubbish picture. Had 5 us's now and just the 2 arms.