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Jun 30th '13

I had my midwife appointment on Tuesday the 25th, I was 40 weeks and 3 days. Midwife stripped membranes said I was 3cm and 70% effaced. I decided to go to my sisters house and go on a walk with her and dance with the kids and do squats to see if we couldn't get things going. I had contractions all day long but nothing consistent, around 9pm I started having contractions every 5 minutes so I said I would go to the hospital when my husband got home from work at midnight...the contractions completely stopped around 11:45. I was soo annoyed I thought I was in labor but no such luck. John got off work and picked me up from my sisters we got home around 1 am we went to sleep and at around 2:30 am I woke up having painful contractions so I woke my husband up to have him get everything ready and went to get a shower, I came back upstairs and he was asleep again! lol. I woke him back up and called my sister to come over (our 15 month old was asleep in her bed) when she got to our house my husband and I headed into the hospital (about 45 mins away)
When we got there the nurse asked why I was there....uhm...I'm in labor?? haha. They hooked me up to the machines and checked me, I was 4-5 cm. We were excited but got worried because with every contraction the baby's heart rate would even went down to 60-70 at one point. Doc came in and started asking all kinds of questions for possible c-section. That scared me even more..I wanted to get into the birthing tub but they said I couldn't do that because of the deceleration in her heart rate I had to stay on the monitor. They put me into positions and said I had to hold still during the contraction to see if it would help her was soo hard to try not to move!! Her heart rate evened out, thankfully!! But I still wasn't allowed out of bed. I couldn't take it anymore and said I wanted an epidural around 7:15 am. ( I was in labor for 21 hrs with my first and assumed it would be close to the same with this one) I couldn't breathe through the contractions or deal with the pain if I couldn't move and get comfortable. They checked my cervix maybe ten minutes after the epidural and I was 9 1/2 cm and completely effaced!! I was sooo mad that I didn't think to ask them to check my dilation before the epidural because if I had known I was that far along I would have held out!! (Oh well..) I felt pressure and nurse said I could start pushing.. Doc rushed in because she was coming!! I only pushed 5 times! I didn't have any tears this time either! (last time I had 3)
At 7:53 am miss Emilia Carol was born, 7lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long.
She is absolutely amazing! Her big sister is in love with her and she is such a calm little baby :) Last night we went to bed at 11 she woke up at 430am to eat and get her diaper changed and she was asleep by 5 am and slept til 930!!
We went home Thursday afternoon, both baby and I were doing great. Thursday night went well at home with both my girls and my husband..then I woke up around 2:30 am Friday morning with terrible chest/upper abdominal pain, we went back to the hospital to and found out my gallbladder had inflammation on it and I had gallstones, the pain was from a gallbladder attack and I was admitted and had my gallbladder removed Friday afternoon. I was discharged that night and everything is going really well again..just hoping for a fast recovery from my surgery because they said I'm not suppose to lift more than 10lbs for 3 weeks. My older daughter is 20lbs and only 15months so its hard to not pick her up..
anyways.. heres some pictures! :) thanks for reading :):)
:Last belly picture :) (I look a mess because its in between contractions!)

Baby Emma

Me and my girls :)
One day old!

Wish this wasn't so blurry because she is smiling sooo big!! she's 3days old here.

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Jul 1st '13

Hope you're feeling better! She's beautiful!

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Jul 1st '13

awww she is so precious!!

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Jul 1st '13

Wow what an adorable little girl!!! I had to have my gallbladder taken out at a young age too. Apparently its rare to have it taken out if you are young and healthy, but you are the second post I've seen in two days about a young female getting their gallbladder out, shortly after having a baby. I had mine out 6 months PP. Anyway, congrats again on the adorable little girl

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Jul 1st '13
Quoting AbbieChrysler3312:" I had my midwife appointment on Tuesday the 25th, I was 40 weeks and 3 days. Midwife stripped membranes ... [snip!] ... Emma Me and my girls :) One day old! Wish this wasn't so blurry because she is smiling sooo big!! she's 3days old here."

I thought they were supposed to check your cervix before doing anesthesia anyway? O.o anyway, glad everything turned out okay. She's gorgeous!!! :-D I love that last pic!!!! Too adorable! :-)

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Jul 1st '13

she is SOOO cute!! Congrats! And so sorry about your gallbladder ouch! hopefully you heal up quickly!