Dear nameless baby, Noah and Baby J's mommy Due January 6 (girl); 2 kids; Oregon 3465 posts
Jun 28th '13

Get the hell out of me. I see your not cooperating AT ALL with the NST so now they want to watch another hour. But all of these medical professionals are so confused at the regularity of my contractions and how no progress is being made. So make their job easy and come on your own free will. Preferably now, or in the next couple hours would be great.

Love your very tired and cranky mommy.

*beck-i* {JAS08} Due January 8; 3 kids; Prattsburgh, New York 4812 posts
Jun 28th '13

Come on baby!!! Every time I see your post I am expecting a "baby is here" post and still nothing I hope this happens for you soon!!! I bet you feel like you have been pregnant forever.