Demondarkstorm Thalette Due October 17; 17 kids; Anderson, South Carolina 7 posts
Jun 28th '13

i was wondering about my son too he is 8 months and not even sitting let alone crawling i had to question what i was doing wrong too id like to know

SquirrelyMom 2 kids; Canada, ON, Canada 1565 posts
Jun 28th '13
Quoting loving little luna:" my LO just turned 6 months less than a month ago. she can't sit up on her own and she isn't even crawling. ... [snip!] ... their own and crawling already and it makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong. can babies skip milestones like crawling?"

To me that doesn't sound unreasonable for a just turned 6 month old. My girl is a few days older than 5.5 months and she is getting better at rolling onto her tummy from her back, still struggles a bit rolling from tummy to back, can't sit up on her own, and certainly isn't ready to crawl.