Morning Sickness ?? ray wife 19 kids; Tampa, Florida 61 posts
Jun 27th '13

Hi Ladies I have a question I was wondering if it's normal to not have morning sickness im currently 6 week's & 4 day's pregnant it kinda have me a little worried I had a baby 7 months ago and I have 2 other kids that's 7 & 5 I had morning sickness with all three of them so im just trying to see if it's normal not to have any my first doctor appointment is July 3rd

I'm actually a virgin Due June 9; 1 child; Oregon 18466 posts
Jun 27th '13

I nwver had morning sickness with my son, but with my daughter I hadit horrible foe 15 weeka

Jaimeelynn 17 kids; Summerside, Prince Edward Island 37 posts
Jun 27th '13

This is only my first, but I had no morning sickness at all. You may just be lucky with this pregnancy! Don't worry :)

Rachel Whalen 1 child; New York 406 posts
Jun 27th '13

its normal and you are lucky I had morning sickness till about 23 weeks thank god it stopped now im fine. some people don't get it at all

ray wife 19 kids; Tampa, Florida 61 posts
Jun 28th '13

Think You All For The Input I Appreciate it !