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Jul 17th '13
Quoting SALTnLIME:" Call the base he is stationed at and ask for the CO of PFC John Doe and keep asking til you find out."

I don't know where he is stationed.
Only that it is in Virginia.

SALTnLIME 2 kids; Glendale, Arizona 160 posts
Aug 1st '13
Quoting Katie♥Hippoand#2:" I don't know where he is stationed. Only that it is in Virginia."

Fort Lee maybe? There aren't many, you do the foot work and you and the baby will be rewarded in the end. I am 99% sure the baby will have health insurance as long as BD is enlisted.

IrishMommyof3 3 kids; Virginia 111 posts
Aug 1st '13

i'm here in Virginia and there are tons of bases here Eustis, Langley, lee, and three others I can't remember off the top of my head. It's also going to depend on what branch he's in and what his MOS is as that's how bases stations are determined. You need to find his location and info to give to child support if he doesn't want to be apart of the baby's life his loss but he should still be responsible for helping to support and care for the baby. GL Maybe if he signed/ joined in your local area and you know who his recruiter was you can talk to him/her and ask to find out where he's stationed and explain that CS is going to need to get in contact with his CO etc....