Any UC/Crohns moms out there? Weinus Badger TTC since Nov 2015; 1 child; Whidbey, WA, United States 172 posts
Jun 26th '13

DX'd with UC Proctitis this year just wondering if any other mothers were successful in conceiving and having their children without complications, planning on having another in about 2-3 years.

Zach&Evan&Jacob'sMom 3 kids; 7 angel babies; Fall Branch, Tennessee 48616 posts
Jun 26th '13

I have Crohns. I just had my third son a month ago.

I never had any complications from Crohn's during my pregnancies. I have been in remission for a few years though. Only minor flare-ups.

I did have trouble sustaining pregnancies after my second son. I had 6 losses. They were unrelated to me having Crohns though.