braxton hicks question morgiehorse 1 child; Virginia 9 posts
Jun 23rd '13

Okay, this may be a stupid question. I'm a little confused as to what braxton hicks feel like. I've read you get a tightening sensation and your belly gets hard. I've had that for a a month or two now, every now and then and it never hurts. Sometimes my lower abdomen gets hard and sometimes it's up top near my ribs. And it looks like baby is poking her butt or back out like a large lump. Is this normal? And also, ever since a couple days ago I've felt a sharp cramp like sensation in my lower abdomen, near my pelvic area. It's happened like three times in the past week and it lasts a couple minutes at most. And it hurts! Sometimes to where I can hardly stand up straight. Is this BHs as well? I thought BHs aren't painful.

Rebecca Lynn kinq Due February 8 (boy); 2 kids; Muscatine, Iowa 55 posts
Jun 23rd '13

They really arent to painful just irritating you'll wish you were having Braxton Hicks when your in real labor good luck!