any one had there baby early do to infection? mommy091213 Due August 24 (girl); Japan 2 posts
Jun 23rd '13

Im 31 weeks pregnant today i had steroid shots @ 28 weeks do to shortening cervix and was put on bed rest but last week my cervix went from 1.2 to 3.8:) but now my ob thinks there may be a infection in the amniotic fluid around the babys skin he didnt explain much cause we was also talking about me having contractions the day before my appointment so idk what this could be but he did blood work that will be back this week and he is sending me to another hospital tomorrow to have a ful ultrasound of the baby done and its also a consultation im guessing thats just where they will explain whats going on to me im just nervios and was wondering if any of u other mommys have had a baby do to infection and how was the baby

MomNextDoor 2 kids; Grapevine, Texas 8351 posts
Jun 23rd '13

Not an infection, but I had Ds at 35 weeks. By the time we caught it, he had almost no fluid left and had stopped growing at 30 weeks. He was born with a lot of "what-if's" because we didn't have time for any testing, just had to get him out ASAP. No steroid shot, nothing. He came out breathing on his own, and totally healthy, just suuuuper small. Good luck, mama.

EasyComeEasyGo 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Maryland 8035 posts
Jun 23rd '13

I had my daughter at 30 weeks. There was never any indication I had an infection, but my dr said that when he performed the emergency c section, there was a clear smell of infection.

Even the testing done afterwards did not reveal an infection.

Anyway, she is a perfectly happy and healthy 3 year old now.