user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
Jun 22nd '13

My 5 month old's door is usually open more than half way. My 4.5 year old.. sometimes he asks to have it open, sometimes he doesn't care. It doesn't matter to me either way.

*~AngelEyes~* 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 11214 posts
Jun 22nd '13

We leave ds' door cracked, so he'll go to sleep and we can hear in case he needs us. (He's almost 5 though)

7 blessings so far.... Due February 3; 6 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 8816 posts
Jun 22nd '13
Quoting MommaNoodle:" my grandfather was a fireman and he actually said a closed door is sometimes better because it can help the fire not to spread so quickly. only real danger is locking doors. that shouldn't be done."

I have some little ones that cant open doors yet & my 13yr old dd(special needs) still has trouble w/doors :(

JoAnna &hearts's Jett 2 kids; Midlothian, TX, United States 7992 posts
Jun 22nd '13

We leave it open. We probably won't be shutting doors until he is a teen.

user banned 1 child; Germany 12377 posts
Jun 22nd '13

I started closing DDs door at 4... She still struggles to knock down a baby gate though lol, I use to leave it open with a gate but now I put it across the kitchen.

MommaNoodle 2 kids; Pennsylvania 13115 posts
Jun 22nd '13
Quoting 6 blessings so far....:" I have some little ones that cant open doors yet & my 13yr old dd(special needs) still has trouble w/doors :("

well if they can't open doors, it's better to leave them open then. they need to be able to get out if you are not able to. i know a lot of people worry about them getting hurt and stuff, and it's possible, of course. but if, god forbid, i am unconscious or dead, i'd want to know my kid had at least some chance of escaping.

oh, and i close my daughter's door, but she is 7, lol. i would leave it open, but she sleeps with the light on. she's silly. my 2 month old is in my room with me and i usually leave the door open so i can hear things better.

Jays*Mama 2 kids; Michigan 5689 posts
Jun 22nd '13

Our doors are weird. My kids doors don't exactly close all the way but ours does. So I close theirs as much as I can. Basically there's a little crack.

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
Jun 22nd '13

We close their doors. DD1 can open her door if she needs to, and DS can open the door him and DD2 share.

Summerfrost 51 kids; Massachusetts 6871 posts
Jun 22nd '13

Both nursery and the boys' rooms doors are closed. The nursery, well ... he couldn't get out of the crib if there was an issue, so shut door isn't a factor in safety. My sons room (3 and 5) both can open the door if they need to.

Chibs 2 kids; Missouri 12147 posts
Jun 22nd '13

I open it when I go to bed
But close it while DH and I are watching tv or talking or whatever

His room is connected to ours,it looks like a closet door but instead it's another bedroom. My side of the bed is within arms reach of his door so I could leave it closed and be ok. But if he wakes up and comes to me I don't want him to freak out not being able to open his door

W.W. Due June 2; 3 kids; Arkansas 8009 posts
Jun 22nd '13

Their doors are closed. Makes me feel better honestly, we have a video monitor so I watch about them and wake up if I hear anything honestly I feel like if anyone ever broke in, I'd have more of a chance of knowing they went into their rooms if they had to open a door(me possibly hearing it over the monitor). Maybe it's just paranoia but the doors being closed helps me feel like they are safer.

~T&C plus me~ 2 kids; .., OR, United States 4255 posts
Jun 22nd '13

DS is 23 months, doesn't climb out of his bed yet, or anything, but he won't fall asleep if he hears any noise at all. I make sure to open it before I go to bed though. It never stays shut for longer than about 11.

Mommy of a giggler! 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 9017 posts
Jun 22nd '13

Closed, and up until recently, it also had a child lock on the inside. My oldest is autistic and a flight risk - without the child lock he was in danger of actually getting out of the house, so having it on was for his safety. We are also RIGHT across the hall. I can open there door standing in my own door way, so in the event of a fire, we'd get them out, unless it was in the hallway between up in which case they are screwed anyway because they can't get out the window (to far up)

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49166 posts
Jun 22nd '13

my daughter yes my son no he can't open the doors(well he can but he doesnt try) and freaks out. He comes in my bed in the middle of the night

user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
Jun 22nd '13

We leave them open. If there is a weird noise the dog barks.
And our fire alarm/ carbon monoxide detectors are hooked together so if one goes off they all go off and it says louder than the alarm itself fire, fire fire repeat or carbon monoxide, repeating until shut off.