constipation MamaOfGirls 34 kids; Minnesota 131 posts
Jun 21st '13

My poor two year old has had problems pooping for along time now. I brought her to the doctor for it twice and they just kept saying use miralax and prune juice,have her eat more fruits and veggies(yeah right its a battle to make her eat fruits and veggies :( ) but my question is what else can i do because nothing really works besides miralax but I dont want her to become dependent on it and her doctor said not to use it longer then a week at a time. I am debating bringing her to another doctor because I am so frusterated for my girl! She cries and screams poopy owie and will sweat and turn red when she tries going. It is very hard to see :(. I just don't want to bring her in for a third time just to be told the same stuff as the last two times!

Nichelle Collins Due December 31 (boy); 2 kids; California 812 posts
Jun 21st '13

Have you tried stool softeners?? or is that what miralax is?? im not sure sorry..... you may need to get her a sepository. Or use the old soap up the butt trick . I did that with dd and it worked. Just take a small piece of bar soap. Not special soplap but normal plain barsoap and stick it up there. N i guess something in it makes em push my daughter ised to bleed from it being so hard. But she had to get it out. I hated it.

Nut ღ Meg Beverly Hills, CA, United States 40262 posts
Jun 21st '13

Miralax is not habit forming. Dd was on it daily for 3 years. Push the water, hide fruits and veggies in food, ect.